Logo & Brand Identity

First Impressions count.

In need of graphic design to accompany your new site? I can help. Using a variety of techniques to combine images, text and color I’ll create a logo that represents your business and conveys concepts specific to your brand and mission.

Web Design

Less is more.

I create websites that have a clean simple look that’s user friendly and mobile compatible with a responsive layout. Your business will look amazing at any screen size. My process focuses on your business’ requirements and objectives so your new website will lead to conversions.


Web Development

Custom solutions for your business. 

Whether a simple static website as a contact point for your business or a dynamic site with interactive content I can develop a problem free site that is responsive. If your site does not function properly you won’t retain the viewer or convert the opportunity.

Mobile Development

Your site needs to work on all size screens.

More people are accessing the internet via handheld devices than desktop computers currently. Additionally screen sizes are constantly changing from small phones to large tablets and your site needs to function properly on every device to engage all of your potential customers.

I achieve this by designing with mobile in mind first which translates easily as the screen size grows. You’ll get a clean clutter free experience that will move forward with the changing handheld market.

Content Management System

Hands on? Easily manage your content.

You don’t have the time to build a website but creating and managing content is an important part of your business and that should be simple, because you’re busy.

I’ll make your website with the WordPress Content Management System allowing you a hassle free way to post content and build your businesses visibility to the world, with your voice.

Why WordPress?

It’s not obvious but 30% of the sites on the web are built using the WordPress open source CMS. It is a robust and well supported option with cutting edge features and an ever growing community of contributors that will take it well into the future. Best of all WordPress features a very user friendly interface which is perfect for a small business owner or an individual that wants to focus on their content and not on coding or wrestling with a complicated interface. You’ll be able to blog, upload images, audio and video files with the ability to edit all of it.

I’m also perfectly happy to handle your content if your interest does not go beyond production.


Security Updates

Protect your investment.

Technology doesn’t stand still and the software your site is built with doesn’t either. Keeping current with updates ensures your site is safe, secure and operating as quickly as possible. Part of this service is always having a back-up on hand in case something does go wrong, you’ll be back online in short order.

Content Updates

Hands off? I’ve got it covered.

Time crunched?  Send me your content and I’ll upload it for you promptly on an agreed upon schedule. Service can be tailored to your specific needs and schedule. Weekly, monthly or what works best for your business.