Igleheart Custom

Logo / Headbadge Design

Christopher has been a long time friend and client. I’ve been fortunate to work with him over a decade. I’ve put together many ads and blog posts for him over the years but my best work is arguably the most important piece of graphic design on any fine bicycle. The headbadge. In most cases it’s also the brand logo. Christopher had been making a headbadge by welding a bead in the shape of an eye. Looked good but easy to miss.

A rather clever customer had suggested using a heart for a headbadge as a sort of pictogram / play on words in keeping with his somewhat confusing mirrored downtube logo. Christopher and I agreed. Off to the drawing board I went!

Hearts have pleasing curves but in this instance those curves also need to look proper wrapping around a headtube and flat for printed material. The more significant issue is that of size. Headbadges are not very large. Quite a challenge to fit four letters into a small heart shape and balance out the space maintaining some degree of symmetry while preserving legibility. I also made sure to leave space in the design for rivets or bolts to account for a metal version in the future.

Creating a custom serif font conforming to the heart shape was the solution. Using a san serif left too much negative space as did any placement not filling the heart. This would also prevent the visual balance between the I and the E. The heart shape creates a mirroring opportunity to bookend the logo while also creating a nice border effect. Making the G work with three vertical letters required minimizing the curvature and exaggerating the serifs. Doing so reinforces the border effect prominent on the ends and is a compliment to the traditionally less exciting L. Fortunately we had an interesting role for our L who is up to the task and performing nicely.

Christopher loved it and it’s been on many a bicycle since as well as every fork he builds. We’ve done a jersey with another friend David Mackie and have future plans in the works.

Trade Show Price Sheets

Christopher and I attended the North American Handmade Bicycle Show together a few times. I created these price sheets in support of our sales efforts. Christopher is world renown for his segmented steel forks so naturally we had a sheet dedicated to forks and another for frames. The green color was selected to reflect a local team sponsorship frame color.

Cycling Team Jersey

Hey there’s David Mackie again! We’re all bicycle friends. We did a bit of racing so we needed a jersey. The black bottom allows riders to choose any short brand they like and still look “pro”!

Print Ads

In the early aughts Christopher was advertising in a few small bicycle publication’s black & white classifieds section.


Christopher also advertised in a few online cycling forums specific to his specialties. Yay gifs!