C-Six Carbon Bicycles

Your Brand Your Bike

A bicycle industry co-worker of mine started a small business importing carbon fiber bicycle frames and components to sell direct while also offering customized graphics. He came to me with the name derived from carbon’s position in the periodic table and a tagline of ‘Your brand, your bike’.

From there I developed the initial logo and graphic packages for proof of concept. Working with a tight budget the first designs were a single color relying on negative space for contrast on the depth of the high gloss carbon fiber weave. We then added two and three color graphics for OEM C-Six component branding.

Assets Created

  • Brand Logo
  • Custom Frameset Branding Templates
  • Semi-Custom Frameset Branding Templates
  • Stem Decals
  • Seatpost Decals
  • Rim Decals
  • Promotional Frame Branding
  • Logos for Customers Business’

Custom Decal Kits

Custom decal kits were created with provided logos, Boston Tomato and Pan Mass Challenge, in addition to custom logo design for Dave SanPaolo Carpentry.

Boston Tomato

Reproduced clients business logo for use with the semi custom decal kit option.

Dave SanPaolo Carpentry

Created a logo for Dave’s business and the headbadge decal on his custom bicycle.

Charlie DeMarco / Pan Mass Challenge

Charlie is a long time PMC supporter and participant. We combined the event’s logo and tagline so Charlie could proudly display his support of the organization while training and participating on the big day.

Semi Custom Frame Branding

Templates for different pricing tiers.

C-SIX Original Equipment Branding

Branding decals with part specifications for OEM equipment used in complete bicycle assemblies.